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What websites do you guys use for real time LIVE forex news?

Hey guys, just wonderig what kinda resources do you guys use for your live forex news? This isn't economic calendar stuff, but rather real time live events that aren't related to set dates. I found but the news reported isn't upto speed and there is usually a long delay before it is relayed. Any other alternatives? Bloomberg news is alright as well but its more stock related rather than FX. Some widgets or addons to chrome would be awesome
free and paid suggestions are fine!
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B1 Dashboard - Calendar Widget (Basic Usage) cTrader Technical Analysis Tools cTrader Professional Trading Tools - Introduction How to Use App for Android Mobile/Smart Phone 2018 cTrader Professional Trading Widgets - YouTube

Economic Calendar is an essential tool of a Forex trader that is updated in real time. It carries information on the most important macroeconomic indicators and events that affect the behavior of a particular trading instrument. Economic Calendar; Technical Analysis; TraderTip; Market Trends; Forex News; Forex Widgets. Overview; Live Rates ; Web Ticker; Embed Forex live data into your website. The forex market is fast-paced and thousands of websites provide information to meet demand. Unfortunately, most webmasters, bloggers and marketing affiliates lack real-time forex market data to compliment existing analysis ... The highly rated MT4 platform offers a fully customizable trading environment, complete with the latest prices, market analysis, data and news modules, technical analysis and charting functions. Create your own calendar of economic events. To do this, simply specify its size and display period. You can freely use this widget on your websites. In return, we ask you to keep the provided code unchanged. The Calendar data are provided as is. The economic news release frequency and schedule, as well as the economic parameters' values may change without our knowledge. You can use the ... Economic Calendar The Economic Calendar lets you follow important events that affect the Forex industry trades in real time. You can use it to schedule your trades and make plans for future trades as well! The Economic Calendar Widgets keeps itself up to date at all times, so you’re always up to date! Preview . Copy × Economic Calendar Fit to screen. Close. Live Currency Rates Currency ... Anticipate market-moving events long before they happen with the internet's most forex-focused economic calendar. Review of the main events of the Forex economic calendar for the next trading week (19.10.2020 – 25.10.2020) Trading on key Forex news: next week we are expecting the publication of important macro statistics data from China, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Eurozone, Canada, New Zealand, as well as the results of the US presidential debates. The dollar strengthened last week. As a result ... The Economic Calendar sidebar gadget will help you follow economic events with previous, forecast and actual stats. Get on top of the latest financial market movers and shakers, make better ... View our fast-updating and interactive economic calendar for important events and releases that affect the forex, stocks and commodities markets. Economic Calendar Widget Economic Calendar Widget shows key upcoming economic events, announcements and news. You can set up relevant economic calendar filters in a few clicks, selecting event importance and affected currencies.

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B1 Dashboard - Calendar Widget (Basic Usage)

The Technical Analysis Trading Tools can be used with any trading platform to determine the trend for anyone of the Forex Majors. The widgets show the summary of 29-technical indicators which will ... How to Use App on Android Mobile 2018 #investingcom #investingcommobileapp #investingcomtrading Coits4u,, in urdu, in hindi, ... The cTrader Trading Software Widget Collection allows you to trade like a professional, the one-click risk management panel allows you to predefine your risk... The cTrader Trading software Widget Collection allows you to trade like a professional, the one-click risk management panel allows you to predefine your risk so that you can execute trades with a ... You will also have the option to choose which widget you want visible to assist you with your trading style from a scalping terminal, market trading clocks, create & manage stealth orders ... In this video we show the back usage of B1 Dashboard Calendar Widget (Available in B1UP 2020.04 or higher) *** The B1 Usability Package is an add-on which ma... This collection of videos will demonstrate our professional indicators for the cTrader trading platform.