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Any clarification or experience using Hilbert Transformation into your guy's algorithms?

So I've been wanting to explore a bit more about cyclical indicators, particularly breaking down forex price action into sinusoidal curves. I'm looking into Hilbert Transformation and found it fairly convincing and maybe something I could explore in my TA.
What I noticed in the ta-lib library is that there are indicators for Hilbert transformations. But I'm unfamiliar with the differences between all of them (Instantaneous Trendline, Phasor Components, Dominant Cycle Period). Is there any documentation anyone is familiar of that breaks down these different ones, or does anyone have experience utilizing these indicators? Thanks very much in advance.
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Learn more at Update on the global macro Forex charts for Monday 9 December 2013. Rally continues in British Pound & Euro. http://emin... Check Mark's Premium Course: 📞 Join Mark's TradersMastermind: Pl... -- How to use the "Better" indicators for Forex trading. Part 1 of 2. Part 2 here: From the... Next Forex Trend Leg Setting Up - from Like this? Watch the latest episode of on Blip! - Updated Forex charts from Thursday 9 May 2013. #emini #futures #daytrading We got confirmation on the Professional bars from last Th... Hey all you Day Trading winners out there! Today we're back with another scalping and day trading video. Today we're doing another ... DISCLAIMER: does not provide recommendations to buy, sell or hold any futures, securities or other investments. All statements and expressions are the opinion of ...